ASP Unspecified Error

Since ASP.NET is out and ASP.NET 2.0 is on it`s way, ASP is not the top platform
choice of Windows developers, but many of us still have to work on ASP because there are lots of older websites which use ASP technology. So I think my tip is still useful. An ASP developer who is using Access database might experience a problem after uploading the database back to the web server where (s)he sees an `
Unspecified Error` message whenever (s)he tries to access an ASP page. This error
will disappear after some while, but we don`t have to wait actually.

I suppose that you are using such a code to open the database connection:

dbConn.Mode = 2
dbConn.Open `DSN=blabla;UID=;PWD=;`

When you get the `Unspecified Error` error, all you have to do is to change the
Mode value above. In our example; after we change the code as below and upload
our .ASP page(s) back to the server, the error message will disappear and our
pages will start working again:

dbConn.Mode = 3
dbConn.Open `DSN=blabla;UID=;PWD=;`

If we would get the error message when the Mode value was 3, we would need to
change it to 2.








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