Sample GUIXT Commands

del F[Ext. matl group]
del [Division]
Pushbutton (Toolbar) “Change salesorder” “AEN”
Default [Order type] “OR”
GlobalTextReplace “Material type” “Category”
NoInput F[EAN/UPC]
Tip F[EAN/UPC] “International Article Number – internal assignment”
Box (0,0) (5,64) “Welcome to IAS – International Air Service”
Image (0.6,1) (4.8,28) “ias.gif”
image (0,87) (6,100) “\\server\pers\photo\&F[Personnel no.].gif” -nostretch
if Q[Language=E]

offset (0,1)
box (0,0) (5,60) “MRP Run for plant”
radiobutton (2,2) “3000 New York” F[Plant] “3000”
radiobutton (3,2) “3100 Chicago” F[Plant] “3100”
radiobutton (4,2) “3200 Atlanta” F[Plant] “3200”

set C[Display material list] “X”
set F[Processing key] “NETCH”
set F[Create MRP list] “1”
set F[Planning mode] “1”
set F[Scope of planning] “All”

del F[Plant] “-triple”
del F[Scope of planning]
del G[MRP control parameters]
del G[Process control parameters]
del G[User exit: select materials for planning]

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