Using Modification Assistant in Custom ABAP Programs

Sometimes, I have to modify an ABAP program which was written by another programmer. In such cases, I like to mark my modification so that the original programmer can understand easily what / why I have modified.


However, it is a hassle to make the job of the modification assistant manually. You know, it is the assistant which marks your code as INSERT / REPLACE / DELETE while doing a repair or implementing an OSS note.


I have found a workaround to make SAP mark your modifications automatically; even when you modify a Z-Program. Here are the steps involved:


  • Edit the Z-Program, make a simple change (like deleting & retyping a letter). Save it, and get a regular WorkBench request.
  • Leave the program.
  • Go to SM30, and maintain the table TADIR.
  • Choose the Z-Program, enter properties, and change the original system with a dummy value (I usually type DMY). Save.
  • When you re-enter the program in edit mode (SE38), you will be able to use the modification assistant.
  • After your changes are done, re-enter SM30, maintain TADIR and correct the “Original System” property of the Z-Program. Make sure that original system has been corrected before releasing your transport request.









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