“Update Was Terminated” Debug

Sometimes; after you finish a transaction, SAP system doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do, and you receive a message saying “Update was terminated”.

This occurs when the transaction forks into a multithread process (through an event or something). If the error occurs within the main thread, you would simply get a short dump message. However; if the error occurs within one of the secondary threads, you probably won’t see a short dump and receive the “Update was terminated” message instead.

To find out why the problem occurred; you can check SM13. You are likely to find the cause here. You can also check ST22 but don’t expect too much there.

If you can’t find anything and still need to debug, follow those steps. Within debug options (check the menu items), you have to select the options “Settings -> System Debugging” and “Settings -> Update Debugging”. These options will let you debug secondary threads as well, and you can easily find out what’s wrong. I would suggest setting breakpoints to “Raise” and “Message” commands within the secondary thread.

Before doing that, make sure that you have enough free SAPGUI sessions.







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