How To Debug "Update Was Terminated" Messages Within SAP

Sometimes; after you finish a transaction, SAP system doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do, and you receive a message saying “Update was terminated”.

This occurs when the transaction forks into a multithread process (through an event or something). If the error occurs within the main thread, you would simply get a short dump message. However; if the error occurs within one of the secondary threads, you probably won’t see a short dump and receive the “Update was terminated” message instead.

To find out why the problem occured; you should go to ST22 first and see if there is a short dump – which probably doesn’t exist.

In that case, you have to debug the problematic transaction – probably after hitting “Save”. Within debug options (check the menu items), you have to select the options “Settings -> System Debugging” and “Settings -> Update Debugging”. These options will let you debug secondary threads as well, and you can easily find out what’s wrong. I would suggest setting breakpoints to “Raise” and “Message” commands within the secondary thread.

Before doing that, make sure that you have enough free SAPGUI sessions.


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