Victor Wooten Groove Workshop

This DVD focuses on the widely overlooked aspects of music.

All music education is based upon notes. But does it end there? What about timing, groove, dynamics, tone, listening, and all the other aspects that define the difference between an average player and a great player? Those aspects aren’t taught anywhere.

Actually, Victor doesn’t really “teach” those aspects either. But he successfully demonstrates them and widens your point of view about being a musician. This video would widen your horizon and make you find out what to focus on for the following years of musical growth – and what you shouldn’t overrate meanwhile.

For example; he plays a solo in Gm with all the notes NOT included within the Gm scale, being careful about the aspects mentioned. Then, he plays a solo in Gm with all the notes included within the Gm, intentionally ignoring the aspects mentioned. And guess what? The first one sounds better.

His insight about evaluating music as a language and the necessity of having people approach to learning music like learning a language was also very good. Like; did we start learning our language by memorizing the rules first? Probably not. So why learn music by memorizing rules first?

I highly recommend this DVD to any musician at any level. Check it out at Amazon.








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