Ibanez JS1600 Review

This 22-fret guitar is a japanese beauty. It has two humbuckers, a three-way selector, volume & tone controls. You can pull the tone control for single-coil mode, and volume control for treble boost. It looks like Crom Boy, only less shiny. Bridge is fixed, and hard case is included.
Action, Fit, & Finish:
The setup out of factory was perfect! It’s hard to believe but I didn’t have to do anything. Perhaps the guys at the shop made the arrangements before putting the guitar on the sale, I don’t know.
Sound Quality:
I play blues, rock, jazz, R&B, urban, pop, new age and similiar stuff. Anything except heavy metal you can say. I use this guitar with a Carvin SX-100 amp, and use Bad Horsie wah occasionally. I never heard any unwanted noise from this beauty. I need a wide variety of tones. This guitar gave me everything that I need. I have been playing since 18 years, and had experience with countless guitars; including Strat’s, Tele’s, a ’62 Les Paul, and even an Ibanez Jem. And perhaps first time ever, I have the feeling that I’ve found “the” guitar which can produce every sound I need. First of all, this guitar has it’s beautiful unique sound – which I like better than almost any guitar I played so far. On the clean channel; if you switch to single coil mode, you’ll get a Strat-like feeling and you’ll hear a sparkling, crystal-clear sound. If you tweak the amp as well, the bridge pickup can also almost feel like a Tele. On humbucker mode, you’ll get a Les Paul-like feeling and the sound will be fatter. On dirty channels; the story isn’t too different. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you’ll have the “exact” Strat, Tele and Les Paul sounds out of this guitar. No, this guitar has it’s unique sound (which is beautiful in my opinion) and it’s kindof different from the brands mentioned – check Joe Satriani’s recordings for a hint. I’m just trying to describe the tone variety using different examples. The variety of the tones of this guitar is so wide that I feel like I have 3 different guitars compressed into one axe. There is nothing I dislike about the tone of this guitar.
This guitar is a very light piece of equipment. Therefore, I wouldn’t smash it against the drum. Except such outrageous behavior, it feels like a very solid guitar and I would use it on a gig without backup if I have to.
Overall Rating:
As mentioned, I have been playing since 18 years. I can’t even remember all the guitars I had in the past. Currently, I have an Ibanez Jem 555, an American Gibson Les Paul ’62 Reissue, and a hand made axe in terms of electric guitars. Soundwise the Les Paul was fine in it’s area of humbuckers actually, but it just can’t produce the single coil sound that easily. I considered buying an additional Tele for this requirement, but none of the Tele’s I played “felt right”, don’t know why. I tried like 10-15 of them, different models, different woods, no. I just wasn’t satisfied. I was always aware of the JS series, but I just don’t like Floyd Rose too much because I find the required bending techniques uncomfortable, and breaking a string during live performance leaves you in bad tuning. Now, a JS with fixed bridge? What else could I ask for? Very good humbucker tones with a large variety inbetween bridge & neck pickups, and pull one switch, you have a full single-coil guitar. The sound is great, the feeling is great, it has everything I could ever ask for! If it was stolen, I would probably buy it again if I can afford it.







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