How To Meditate

For introduction, I actually think about nothing and it was a tough skill to learn. It is like, imagine your mind like a bowl of water filled with salt and grain. First, I sit and let the ideas / thoughts settle down, like salt & grain settling to the bottom of the glass, leaving pure water. When thoughts & ideas & feelings arise during that period, i simply observe them and dont interfere or get involved. You know, if you play with the bowl, you arent giving the salt & grain a chance to settle. Focusing on breathing helps – breath is portable and simple and air is good for clearness too.

Once I feel clear, it depends on the purpose of meditation. Meditation with spiritual goals goes in another direction. Meditation with a purpose like we discussed yesterday goes like this: I put myself into scenes (like memories) where I “feel” what I have to face. When the feeling is there and strong enough, I simply observe and experience it. No guards, no workarounds; just face it – even if it hurts or disturbs. It is simply an experience.

Facing and experiencing the feeling is actually more than 50%. You know, it is like a bad diarrhea that you are holding in – the more you hold it in, the more it hurts. When I release and face it and experience it, it creates a mess but I feel better 😛

When I felt *enough* ; if the feeling is occurring due to a misprogrammed mental algorhytm in the past, I “correct” it. I remind myself about how I misinterpreted the scenes in the past, and how they actually are, and how I would have reacted / felt if the algorhytm was correct. I simply imagine the corrected algorhytm in action.

If I sustain the meditation and start implementing it in real life too; over time, the incorrectly programmed synaps in the brain get weaker and the new synaps get stronger over time. Result: Demon is dealed.

Beware though: If you feel like your demon is bad enough to decrease your life quality, seeking external help (therapy, EMDR, etc) might be a better idea than trying to deal with it yourself.







2 responses to “How To Meditate”

  1. pinar Avatar

    bu yazıda yazanları anladığımı sanıyorum çünkü bunu ben de yapmaya calisiyorum:) değiştirmek istediğim bir duygulanım paternim varsa ona odaklanıyorum, odaklanınca bunu ne zaman öğrendiğim ile ilgili anılarım geliyor zaten. o anıları başka türlü yaşayıp oraya yeni duygular yerleştiriyorum.. fakat kendi aklımın bana çektirdiklerini yine kendi aklımla çözmem pek mümkün olmuyor, doğru algoritma için gerekli parçaları dışardan görüp öğrenmek gerekiyor, neyse ki bir “master”im var ve bana yardımcı oluyor:) başarınca ise kesinlikle insanı özgürleştiriyor! 🙂

  2. Begum Ozguler Avatar
    Begum Ozguler

    “…No guards, no workarounds; just face it – even if it hurts or disturbs. It is simply an experience. ” budur 🙂

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