Mac Prejudices

“Mac’s are more expensive than PC’s”

The price tag on an average Mac will be higher than the price tag of an average PC. However, Mac’s use the best hardware available on the market. Look for a PC using the same quality hardware; and if you can find one, the price difference won’t be that dramatic.

Besides, the total cost of ownership is what matters. The average PC owner spends about 50 hours on maintenance every year (involving formatting, virus threats, etc), while the average Mac owner spends about 5 (ref: ). If you use your Mac for 5 years, you will have 225 hours of free time, which equals to 28 work days. So; with a Mac purchase, you also purchase 28 free work days in which you can do anything you want. You will also save lots of stress caused by maintenance.

Mac’s are also used much longer than PC’s. While a 3 years old PC can be considered as “old”, 5 years old Mac’s can still run the latest OS and apps. They also have much greater re-sell values.

Considering those facts, it is hard to say that Mac’s are “more expensive” than PC’s.

“I might experience a lack of apps”

There are great productivity, finance, business, development, social networking, travel, etc. apps out there for Mac’s; surpassing a total of 10.000 apps on the Mac App Store (ref: ).

The most popular office app, “Microsoft Office” has a Mac version. Beyond that, your other favorite apps probably have either a Mac version, or a Mac equivalent; check this post for a short list: .

“I use some Windows-only apps so I can’t switch to Mac”

Mac’s use Intel processors. Therefore, Windows (or any other OS) can be installed on Mac’s for occasional or permanent use. This means; you can run *any* Windows application on a Mac. Check this post for details: .

“Mac’s are multimedia computers for artists”

It is true that Mac’s are preferred by music and graphic artists due to their superior stability and performance. However; as stated before, there is a huge variety of apps out there for Mac’s for any purpose imaginable, and any Windows app can be run on a Mac as well.

Mac’s are for everyone looking for an extremely robust and user-friendly computer which “simply works”.

“I might have a hard time getting used to Mac OS”

Mac OS is arguably the most user-friendly OS out there (ref: ). It uses regular application windows, settings and has a control panel just like any other modern OS. Contrary to popular belief, the mouse has two buttons and most of the keyboard shortcuts are the same as long as you use CMD instead of CTRL.

Switching to Mac OS from any other modern OS is just like switching to a better car – you will find the wheel, sets, gear, speed-o-meter, etc where you expect them. Some things are slightly different, but definitely more enjoyable.

“I might experience incompability issues with other operating systems”

There was a time when Apple file formats had to be converted for other operating systems, and vice versa. Nowadays, however, files in common formats can be exchanged with other operating systems without any hassle.

Answer to a FAQ: The most popular office app, “Microsoft Office”, has a Mac version developed by Microsoft itself; which can exchange DOC(x), XLS(x) and PPT(x) files with the Windows version in a compability rate of 100%.

“You are writing all this because your uncle works for Apple”

I don’t even have an uncle. I am simply an extremely satisfied customer spreading the (good) word.







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  1. taraniss Avatar

    “You are writing all this because your uncle works for Apple” lol :)))

  2. Sık Sorulan Sorular – Dr. Kerem Koseoglu Avatar

    […] almalısın. Neden mi? Why I Like Mac’s Better over PC’s yazımda anlattım. Mac Prejudices yazımda, Mac hakkındaki önyargıları değerlendirdim. Aldıktan sonrası için ise Checklist […]

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