Hacking SAP GUI for Java for MacBook Retina Compatibility

Good news: SAP GUI for Java 7.30 is out. Bad news: It looks bad on MacBooks with retina display. Here is a small hack to make it retina-compatible.

Make sure that SAP GUI is not running.

Browse “/Applications/SAP Clients/SAPGUI”. Right-click “SAPGUI 7.30.app” and select “Show Package Contents”. Open “Info.plist” with TextEdit and add the following lines to the very end of the file, before the last two lines:


Save & exit.

Run “/Applications/Utilities/Terminal.app” and type the following command (modify if SAP GUI is installed elsewhere):

touch /Applications/SAP\ Clients/SAPGUI\ 7.30/SAPGUI\ 7.30.app 

That’s it! You may (or may not) need to restart your Mac; but next time you run SAP GUI for Java, it will look crystal clear – utilizing the potential of your retina display.




2 responses to “Hacking SAP GUI for Java for MacBook Retina Compatibility”

  1. ThankFul Guy Avatar

    Thanks a lot man.

    1. Dr. Kerem Koseoglu Avatar

      You are welcome, I’m glad I could help.

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