Source Audio Hot Hand 3

This unit can be evaluated as an expression pedal in shape of a ring in your hand. It can be combined with any Soundblox pedal, or also 3rd party pedals with expression inputs.

I use this unit as a controller of my Soundblox Bass Envelope Filter. It is possible to create very unique sounds and effects if you use it right. Check Nathan Navarro on Youtube for samples, you will clearly see what can be done.

Soundwise, similar effects can be obtained via foot controllers and whatnot; but the Hot Hand has one huge benefit: Visuality! A guy with a huge blue light in his hand, producing dubsteppy sounds from outer space surely will shock and awe the audience. Be careful though: Such toys are just like spice in your food – overuse it, and you’ll ruin everything.

Don’t be disheartened if you can’t play like Navarro the moment you take the Hot Hand out of the box. Personally I don’t like reading manuals, but this was an exception. There are many presets and settings on this device, which are fairly simple, but which definitely need to be understood by the player. Depending on the finger you’ll be using and the hand motions you feel comfortable with, you are going to need to configure + calibrate the ring and the receiver. The fun begins only after you get it right.

Battery life seems to be OK, and it’s good that the ring can be charged. I would prefer the receiver to have a standard 9V input; instead, it has its own adapter – which is no big issue. The ring is adjustable and will fit virtually any finger.

Overall, I’m glad I made this purchase.







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