Apple Notes Sync Problem + Solution

I’ll keep it short: Apple Notes on my Mac was syncing with iCloud flawlessly. However, Notes on my iPhone had difficulties. Notes I created on the iPhone were syncing with iCloud + my Mac sooner or later, but notes I created on my Mac wouldn’t appear on my iPhone. Googling the problem didn’t provide any useful results either. Here is what I did to solve the problem. I did two things actually, and I’m not sure which one did the trick. So you can try sequentially.

  1. iCloud was syncing over “Push”. I changed this settings to “Fetch”.
  2. I had many Notes folders on my Mac. I removed all folders and moved the notes back into the default “Notes” folder.

On my iPad, I had to follow a different sequence:

  1. Turned notes sync off in iCloud settings
  2. Logged out of iCloud
  3. Deleted all of my local notes
  4. Restarted my iPad
  5. Logged in to iCloud
  6. Turned notes sync on in iCloud settings

Voila! All notes appeared on my iPad as well.

Here is a related post for newer iOS versions: iOS Notes Sync Problem Solved







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