Soul Resonance

There is an ideal stance in which two souls resonate.

Sustained resonation requires a certain distance. If you move too far away, the distance might overcome the velocity of the frequency, making the motion fade out and the resonance disappear. Moving in too close is just as harmful – you would overdrive the soul, and the resonation doesn’t feel / sound / taste like a harmony any more. If you crowd the soul, it would rather feel like an overdriven instrument making feedback noises – you can hardly make any music in that state, and the overdriven soul might even get damaged.

Resonation is a magical movement. But it is a movement, nonetheless. If you tend to imprison another soul, you are stopping it from moving. A motionless soul can’t resonate. Therefore, you have to let it move the way it is meant to. Don’t worry, because if the resonance is real, the movement will look like a sine curve: The soul will get some distance, then it will come close again. In a sustained resonance, this motion will go on; there is nothing to worry about the temporary distance – it is simply part of the resonance process.

You are going to have to trust the distance and movement. You didn’t choose to resonate, it was a natural result of two souls with similar frequencies moving into a certain distance. If the resonation is real, trust the souls in moving back and forth – movement will sustain and empower the invisible frequency connection between the souls. If the resonation is real, trust the souls in distance – it is a natural part of the process. Every time you gain some distance, it only means that the soul will come close once again. The frequency will feel a bit more empowered every time it does.

Mutual freedom to move and gaining periodic distance are your friends, and part of the natural process. If the resonation is real, those are actually the very factors which will empower the invisible frequency connection between the souls. Sustained free movement forth & back in a certain distance will make the resonance much stronger over time. Keep them.

Starting the resonance is a natural process. Sustaining this balance can’t be achieved with intelligence alone though. Internal awareness, covering your mind, emotions, and soul is a prerequisite for both sides – as well as mutual empathy.

Life is no cakewalk, it is a bumpy road. Internal imbalance can happen from time to time – embrace and accept it as a part of movement and distance. If the resonation is real, they will move back to balance eventually. Give it time, trust time, because time is also part of resonance.

Resonance will continue as long as you keep moving and keep the ideal distance. However, remember the most basic ingredient which makes resonance possible at all: Similar frequencies. If one of the souls move forward to a higher frequency and stay there for a long time without the other one, the resonance will fade out eventually. This is a healthy thing actually – long term closeness of two dissonant frequencies is harmful for both souls. Accept it, and move forward to whatever else resonates you – that’s the new reality. If you have found a soul which moves forward to higher frequencies with the same pace, as slow or fast as you,  there is nothing to worry anyway. Temporary dissonances might occur when one soul shifts forward, but the harmony will come back when the other one joins.

Trust the divine principles, and the one who put them there.







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