How To Correct The Local File Glitch of Spotify on a Mac

Recently, I have experienced & solved a minor glitch of Spotify on my Mac. I would like to share the solution with everyone out there.
I have deleted a large quantity of local MP3 files “because of reasons”. After I restarted Spotify, I have experienced two problems:
  • The deleted files were still listed under “Local files”
  • I couldn’t stream any song which used to be a local file
Among countless suggestions on online forums, only one worked for me. After quitting Spotify, open terminal and execute the following command:
mv "`mdfind local-files.bnk`" "`mdfind local-files.bnk`.old"
The command above will rename the local-files.bnk file, which stores the local file list. This forces Spotify to re-scan the local folders and re-build the file; and voila! Everything goes back to normal.
In case anything goes wrong in Spotify, one could rename local-files.bnk.old back to local-files.bnk.
If you happen to have multiple instances of “local-files.bnk” files belonging to various applications, this command would rename them all and potentially confuse other applications as well; but this is very improbable. I don’t think that any other application would have such a file.







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