Monospaced Coding Font Review

I have tried a bunch of monospaced fonts, and here is my little review.

Consolas was a long time favourite of mine, and it is still my number one.

Source Code Pro from Adobe turned out to be my second favourite at this time. It is clean and easy to read. It lacks ligatures, but that’s kind of the point – read further.

Hasklig is basically Source Code Pro with ligatures, but the ligatures simply don’t work in Eclipse. Therefore, I ruled that one out.

Fira Code seems to be a very popular choice of many programmers. It is a beautiful font with ligature support. The problem is; Fira Code works slow on my Eclipse, and I use it a lot. Whenever I do a simple text operation like selecting, hitting TAB, etc; it takes a little while for the application to process the command. My assumption is; ligatures are slowing down the calculation process. Therefore; I regrettable uninstalled Fira Code.

Pragmata pro seems to be an expensive but popular choice among many developers. Although it is a thoroughly calculated font; the characters are narrow. The squeezed characters simply don’t work for me. But it may work for others, of course – it is a matter of taste. I don’t know if its ligatures slow down Eclipse though, couldn’t use it that much, frankly.







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