Things I Dislike in WhatsApp Groups

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WhatsApp is one of the most significant global communication apps at this time. WhatsApp groups are unavoidable and mostly useful; however, they can be quite annoying at times. Here is a list of things I dislike in WhatsApp groups.

  • Sharing unrelated / trivial / supposedly funny posts, followed by more unrelated / trivial / supposedly funny replies
  • Conducting private chats in groups
  • Spamming the group with message chains
  • Meaningless short replies, emoji-only sentences (use private replies for that)
  • Sending dozens of distinct messages instead of sending paragraphs, causing lots of notifications
  • Sending work selfies to work related groups, where people see each other every day anyway
  • Sending messages in peculiar hours where people might be sleeping
  • Personal advertising

Those factors often make me leave WhatsApp groups I would actually like to participate. At such times, I wish that Slack would be used instead – where you engage group communication in multiple channels.

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