Why I Post in English

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This became one of the frequently asked questions. I would like to share some of the reasons why I prefer to post in English.

Why English?

English is regarded as the world’s universal language. A post targeting the global audience needs to be in English; which is the case for most of my posts.

I happen to have a global audience. Due to my technical articles and latest globally published book, I have a considerable amount of international followers which obviously don’t speak Turkish.

Looking at my closer circle; I have foreign relatives and friends as well.

  • My aunt is married to a Swiss man, so that part of the family speaks English & German only.
  • I also lived in Germany for a year, my German friends don’t speak Turkish either.
  • I also happen to have foreign friends in Turkey.
  • A large percentage of my Turkish friends speak English anyway.

Those are some of the reasons motivating me to prefer English over Turkish when posting something online.

When Turkish?

I am aware that not every Turkish citizen speaks English, and my posts might not be understood by some.

If a post is related to Turkey only, I choose to write in Turkish. Or; if I’m writing about a topic covered by global writers but lacks Turkish sources, I choose to write in Turkish as well. Typical examples can be found among my technical books, articles and my guide on Quran.


The inducements for posting in English mostly outweigh the inducements for posting in Turkish. That’s why I pick English as the default language.

I don’t have the time to translate every post to English, Turkish and German. However, online translation tools are getting better every day; so I’m counting on them.







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