Why I Prefer Evernote

Update: I don’t prefer Evernote any longer, the post below is outdated. Check my post Why I Gave Up Evernote .

I am asked frequently why I picked Evernote over its competitors. Here are my subjective reasons in alphabetical order.

AppleScript support. With very little programming knowledge, anyone can use AppleScript to automate Evernote tasks. I wrote scripts to pull Jira data into Evernote, create tag matrix notes, determine notes I modified today and many more; which definitely make my digital life much easier.

Content. Evernote can contain a virtually unlimited amount of text, images and file attachments. It is also possible to create tables, checklists, etc. It can also clip Web pages to create new notes.

Cross-platform. If I switch to another OS someday, I don’t have to worry about accessing my notes.

E-Mail. Evernote gives me a free E-Mail address. Any mail I send there turns into a note. Very good functionality to feed 3rd party app content into Evernote, or maintain an Inbox Zero.

Flexibility. Evernote provides a flexible system including notebooks & tags, which can match any workstyle. In my current personal system; I have distinct notebooks for active, deferred, idle tasks and templates. I put two tags to each note: One tag determines the priority (p1, p2, p3) and another tag determines the scope (dev, music, writing, etc).

Reliability. Evernote application worked fine so far, and the company is unlikely to go out of business any time soon.

Search. Evernote provides a very powerful search tool to query notes. I can search notes over notebooks, tags, keywords, modification dates, file attachments, checklists, etc. Search queries can be saved and re-called any time needed.

Siri. I can dictate new notes over Siri. Very useful when I get new ideas while driving.








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