They Make You Feel Inferior

Many organizations do it.

They make you feel inferior about intangible factors by showing you supposedly superior benchmarks. They follow with a snide suggestion that you can somewhat close the gap if you purchase their commodities.


Some fashion companies show you desirable models; and plant the idea that desirable people use their products. Your subliminal function starts to believe that you will be desirable if you purchase some of their commodities.

Some entertainment companies show you elegant characters in their movies; and while selling you tickets already, they plant the idea for your next purchase that you can be elegant if you purchase the commodities you see in the movie.

Some instrument companies show you virtuoso players; and plant the idea that you can improve your music if you purchase the gear they use.

Some food companies couple healthy people with their products via ads & articles; and plant the idea that you will be unhealthy if you don’t consume their products.

Even drug lords do it. They impose the false belief that using drugs will make you cool by furtively annunciating that your favorite artists use drugs. Thug life video series is also part of the plan – they plant the false belief that winners have hats, sunglasses and smoke pot.

The Truth

The truth is; hygiene factors (commodities) can’t make up for lack of motivators (character). You can’t fill voids with things.

If you are desirable, any garment will look good on you. Garments won’t make you desirable.

If you are elegant, it doesn’t really matter which commodity you use. Commodities won’t make you elegant.

If you know music, you can make good music with any instrument. You don’t need an expensive guitar; it won’t improve your music dramatically.

You can’t make it rain by opening your umbrella.


Self improvement is a natural orientation, and there is nothing wrong with it. You can choose a journey towards a higher version of yourself.

But that is an internal journey.

The organizations in question are repulsively using your natural aspiration for growth against you. They maliciously manipulate your psychological mechanism to create a misdirection.

You are deceived with an illusion that you will satisfy your spiritual demands if you simply give them money in exchange for their trifling products.

The truth is; purchasing things doesn’t help. It even handicaps you from climbing the stairs towards your higher self.


We are all different mixtures, and each of us walk a different path. What you need to focus is the higher version of your original self.

You can safely ignore dishonestly idealized models, which only suggest that you are inferior and must buy their products if you want to catch up.

What you see and like in those models is merely the higher version of you. Not the commodities in their surroundings.

There is nothing to catch up. You are unique already, you are who and what you need to be. Instead of investing money on commodities crippling your growth, invest time on growing your original self.

That’s what you are really longing for. Not some object.

See your higher self, make a plan towards it, and walk the path.

That’s where you really want to be. Not some surrounding.








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