Why I Gave Up Evernote

I used to prefer Evernote (why) over other productivity apps. I thought I’d never do it, but I gave up on Evernote. Here are the reasons why; in random order.

Mobile Sync 

Cross-device Evernote sync messes up my shortcuts within the app. After carefully organizing the shortcuts on my Mac, I turn on my (normally idle) iPad; which reverts the shortcuts back to the last time I had my iPad on. I couldn’t find any way to disable that.

Another quirk is regarding mobile notes I create over Siri. It sometimes takes a few days before they appear on my desktop app; so I can’t rely on that at all.

When I send an URL to Evernote on my iPhone, it takes really a long time for Evernote to capture the URL. I can’t do anything else meanwhile. It probably attempts to render & clip the webpage; while all I want to do is to bookmark the URL in Evernote. I couldn’t find any way to disable clipping and just saving the URL.

When those points come together, I can say that my mobile to desktop sync experience doesn’t meet my expectations, to tell the least.


Despite persistent user requests, Evernote Mac still doesn’t have a dark mode. After activating the dark mode of Mac Os Mojave, Evernote was the only bright & shiny window left, which was undesirable to tell the least.

When using Mojave in dark mode, the list view messes up with random black lines; and I was unable to get this bug through to the development team (read further).

In my opinion; Evernote is slow to follow the visual trends on Mac anyway. It doesn’t feel like a native modern Mac App to me; it sometimes feels like a program running in a virtual box or something.


Evernote editor is not very good if you use a lot of indentation in your notes. You can indent a line, but as soon as you hit enter, the new line starts at column zero. This might be insignificant for many users; but as a programmer working with indentations all the time, I find that frustrating.


I was using the paid version of Evernote, and expected to have a decent support. However; getting a bug or significant request to the actual development team is really painful and time consuming.

First, they assign you a random community member which assumes that you are a random dummy end-user and forces you to walk through uninstallation, deletion of cache and whatnot – which never helped in my cases. Then, you need to provide screenshots and videos; which is fair. But most of the time, the random member told me that this matter is or is not in the development plan; and you can’t get through that.

You can try posting on the forums, but I got no response from Evernote devs from there either. It is so time consuming and frustrating that I totally gave up submitting bugs and suggesting new ideas.


I have noticed that I don’t use most of the paid features at all. The ones that I use are available for free on other platforms. So, it didn’t make sense to keep my subscription active.

I have simplified my productivity workflow; and I don’t need the (otherwise wonderful) tagging / searching / linking / etc. capabilities any longer. The ones I need are available on other platforms as well; such as Apple-scripting, sharing, cross-device availability, etc.

(I am planning to write about my new simplified productivity workflow as well; follow me for updates.)

My Choice

Looking for an alternative; I have tried different Evernote alternatives. Check my Time Management FAQ to see the latest productivity application that I’m using.

Evernote is still a very good and powerful product though, if you like it and don’t have any frustrations, keep it.








6 responses to “Why I Gave Up Evernote”

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  2. dogu Avatar

    I would recommend using Bear. It has none of the problems Evernote has and many of its features. Also very nice to look at.

    1. Dr. Kerem Koseoglu Avatar

      With Bear, you need a subscription to sync between your devices. Fair enough; just a heads up.

  3. ID Person Avatar
    ID Person

    Merhaba, Bear bildiğim kadarıyla Evernote kullanıcılarının kullanıcı deneyimi ve istekleri gözetilerek hayata geçmiş bir uygulama. Yıllardır Evernote’dan istenen yeni arayüz, karanlık mod desteği ve daha bir çok isteğe cevap olarak “daha işlevsel ve iyi görünen nasıl olabilir” tezahürü. Doğru yolda olduklarının en net göstergesi ise Evernote’un Bear arayüzünün çok benzerini Evernote Beta olarak kullanıcılara sunması gösterilebilir. Her ne kadar hala karanlık mod olmasa da Bear girişimi sayesinde Evernote bir noktada fikri benimseyip adım attı.

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