Bass FAQ

Which bass should I purchase?

First of all, you probably don’t need an expensive bass. And you shouldn’t pick a bass based on its series 🇹🇷.

I have two articles on picking the right bass; one in English and one in Turkish 🇹🇷. If you are between a Precision – Jazz Bass, check this article. If you’ll buy a Jazz Bass, check my series suggestions 🇹🇷. Your P-or-J choice would also depend on your sonic goal.

Remember to run the essential checks before buying a new bass.

If you are confused about Fender series, check my Fender Series Quality Ranking.

How can I setup / EQ my bass?

I have published an article and a video 🇹🇷 on bass guitar setup. For EQ, check How I EQ my Basses.

If you are interested in effects;

You can check the music.bass category of my blog for further tips & tricks.








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