My Tattoos

In this post, I will share the pics & meaning of my tattoos.

During my junior high school years, I was influenced with Sufism. Thus; the “Double Vav” tattoo on my right arm is a Sufi symbol. To me, it is a symbol of submission.

During those years; a close friend of our family lived in an ashram in India for a while. Upon her return, she taught me the basics of meditation and the teachings of the Ashram. That experience left its (positive) mark on me. Thus; the “Enso + Do” tattoo on my left arm is a zen symbol. To me, it stands for being on the path.
I came to understand that all genuine teachings are built upon the same “reality”, but provide different stories & techniques. Just like different cultures teaching math. In my humble life, I have found the balance by merging Sufism and Yoga. Thus; the “Yin Yang Koi Fish” tattoo on my chest symbolizes this balance.
Koi fishes are very determined and stubborn fishes, which swim against the stream. Legends say that the koi fish swimming against the stream and up the waterfall transforms into a dragon. Thus; the “Dragon” tattoo my left arm symbolize the transformation of the fish on the path.






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