Eclipse vs SE80 for ABAP

In a SAP blog post, the usage of Eclipse or SE80 is compared. I would like to share my reply to the thread, which pretty much summarizes my point of view.

You can’t use SAP’s new tools in SE80, and this is not a small disregardable detail, IMHO.

Being brutally honest; if a programmer says that he/she doesn’t use CDS Views at all, either the system or the programmer is outdated.

When I need to pick programmers for a team I’ll be responsible for; their choice of IDE is one of my interview questions. If someone never used Eclipse, I can safely assume that he/she isn’t familiar with the concepts of the new era. That person wouldn’t necessarily be among my favorite candidates.

Using Eclipse alone doesn’t mean to be a good programmer. Obviously. But not using Eclipse is an indicator of being old-school, which might not be the best attribute in software industry – unless the developer will retire in a few years anyway.








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