WhatsApp Tip: New Group For Each Event

Here is a trick to decrease the message volume in WhatsApp groups.

Sometimes you announce an event in a crowded WhatsApp group. Only 20% of the members are coming. However; if the entire party is organized in the big group; the remaining 80% involuntarily get messages they aren’t involved with.

The solution is simple: Create a separate WhatsApp group for the event, and share the invite link in the crowded group. That way; interested people can join the event group over the link, and the crowded group remains tranquil.

If you don’t know how to find the group invitation link, here is how: You simply click the WhatsApp Group details, and select “Group Info”:


If you check the participant area, you can find the button “Invite to group via link”:


This will provide you a link which you can share to invite other (interested) people to your new group:


We use this trick in my bands all the time, especially if there is a gig where temporary players are coming. Instead of crowding the original group, we create a new group with players / organizers / etc. of that gig alone, and organize everything there.

If this is not a one-time thing and separate events / subjects / topics are discussed in a big group all the time; I recommend Slack over WhatsApp anyway.

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