Fishman Fission Outputs

To support my power trio band Pinyata better, I have purchased a Fishman Fission Powerchord FX. This digital pedal basically lets you simulate a rhythm guitar.

This pedal has two outputs: Effect and dry/mixed. I have wondered if the dry out is analog or not; so I contacted the engineers at Fishman and got the following answer:

Hi Kerem,

I spoke with one of our engineers and below is what he said.

The Mix out blends the dry and effect signal when the Effect output is not in use. The dry signal path is 100% analog.

The Effect signal is digitally processed and output as an analog signal. Plugging into the Effect output splits the signal such that the Mix output becomes dry only.

Thanks, Derek

This means;

  • If you use the effect output only, you are getting the rhythm guitar simulation (digital)
  • If you use the dry/mixed output only, you are getting a mixture of the rhythm guitar simulation (digital) and your bass signal (analog)
  • If you use both output simultaneously;
    • Effect output gives the digital guitar signal
    • Dry output gives the analog bass signal

It is good to know that the dry signal is analog and doesn’t go through the digital converters.

I’m sharing this info in case some other bassists wonder.








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