Habits I Wish To Linger On After Coronavirus

Everything is temporary; so the Coronavirus wave will eventually pass. But they are some habits I wish to linger on even after the pandemic is over.

  • Less travel, more remote work. It is better for the environment, personal economy and time management.
  • Increased acceptance of sick leave. All illnesses typically spread in public places like schools or workplaces.
  • Increased personal hygiene. The hygiene rules enforced by coronavirus should be permanent.
  • Continuous health precautions. Some normalized things kill far more people than coronavirus (stress, smoking, bad nutrition, etc); so the global health awareness and precautions should be extended.






One response to “Habits I Wish To Linger On After Coronavirus”

  1. Geo Avatar

    Pretty tame stuff. For any of that to stick around, however will require mini-revolutions in the mind sphere of citizens in all parts of economic life, in other words a struggle will be required.

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