Opinion Based Ignorance

This is a disturbing situation I encounter on some discussions. Here is how it works.

An individual is exposed to limited information or experience about a subject. The information might even be manipulated, framed or polluted by external opinions. The knowledge of the individual covers 10% of the story at this point.

The individual builds a draft opinion about the subject and investigates a little further – possibly over a search engine. The results contain further (limited) information, but he/she selectively picks parts of them and adds up to the opinion. He/she would typically pick the parts which match to his/her former opinions. The knowledge of the individual covers 20% of the story at this point.

The individual believes that his/her initial experience is backed up by his/her research, and starts to believe that artificially & subjectively forged opinion to be a fact. Typically, his/her echo chamber empowers that opinion too.

The individual starts to behave based on that opinion, and even attempts to make others believe it. Getting defensive is typical in case someone challenges that opinion.

Do you see where this is going? The individual believes / spreads / defends a subjective and possibly manipulated opinion as if it is a fact, which actually is based upon 20% of the reality.

That is opinion based ignorance, which is the antonym of fact based awareness.

I hope that this short article helps you to blow the whistle if you find yourself or others in this situation.

Bonus question: Is it even possible to understand anything by search results and intellectual evaluation alone?








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