How To Get Out Of Adsense PIN Deadlock

If you signed up for Adsense in country A and moved to country B without getting your account PIN via snail mail; you end up in a deadlock because…

  • Google can’t pay you because your address isn’t validated via the PIN
  • You can’t get the PIN because you don’t live in country A any more
  • You can’t close your Adsense account because you have a pending balance (which can’t be renounced)
  • You can’t sign up for a new Adsense account because the old one is still active

Here is your way out.

To cancel your own Adsense account (in country A):

  1. Convince a friend in country A to receive your Adsense PIN, and get his/her address.
  2. Update your Adsense account with this address and request a new PIN.
  3. He/she should get the PIN within a month. If not, request new PIN’s until he/she gets it.
  4. Enter the PIN, validating the address.
  5. Delete the Adsense account in country A (don’t delete your Google or YouTube account; delete only the Adsense account).

Any monetization balance you had in your old account would vanish when you delete the account. If you want to be paid and still have a bank account, you could wait until you cross the threshold.

But remember that you might be putting your friend in a tax obligation or something because Google will assume that you are living at his/her address.

To register a new Adsense account (in country B):

  1. Sign up for a new Adsense account with your current address in country B.
  2. Link your YouTube account to that new Adsense account for monetization.
  3. Request a new PIN.
  4. You should get the PIN within a month. If not, request new PIN’s until you get it.
  5. Enter the PIN, validating your address.
  6. Profit!







2 responses to “How To Get Out Of Adsense PIN Deadlock”

  1. Debby Winter Avatar

    I’m so glad this never happened to me. Thanks for sharing this info on how to get out of adsense pin deadlock, although I am unable to travel right now due to quarantine it might come out handy some day 🙂

    1. Dr. Kerem Koseoglu Avatar

      That’s exactly how it happens – moving abroad before getting your pin. It is rare, but apparently many users experienced this issue. As you said, we can’t travel these days; but you’ll never know 😉

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