Mac cloud storage comparison


Here is a short subjective comparison of cloud storage services I tried (as of 10.2021). Note that I basically live in Apple ecosystem and need around 200GB of space.

Other popular services I haven’t tried are Google Drive and Yandex Disk. Especially Google Drive gets good reviews, it’s probably worth checking.


GB-Tier PriceπŸ”΄ High🟑 Medium🟒 Free
with Microsoft 365
Plan varietyπŸ”΄ Low🟒 High🟑 Medium
Desktop client🟑 Solid🟒 IntegratedπŸ”΄ Buggy
Client performance🟑 OK🟒 BestπŸ”΄ Bad
File sync logic🟒 Block uploadπŸ”΄ Full upload❓ Unknown
Version history🟒 YesπŸ”΄ No🟒 Yes
File sharing from…🟒 Desktop, WebπŸ”΄ Web only🟒 Desktop, Web
E-mail file linkπŸ”΄ Manual🟒 AutomaticπŸ”΄ Manual
OS variety🟒 HighπŸ”΄ Low🟑 Medium
Cloud-only storage🟒 Smart syncπŸ”΄ No🟒 Files on demand
Temporary file sharing🟒 TransferπŸ”΄ No🟒 Temporary links

Subjective Verdict

Dropbox is the best option overall – especially if you are on the TB-tier. Supports a large variety of operating systems, syncs changes on big files very fast, has version history and provides WeTransfer-style file sharing + Cloud-only file storage. But it is the most expensive.

iCloud is the best option for the casual Apple ecosystem user on the GB-tier, who simply wants to backup files online without much hassle, access them from any Apple device and do basic file sharing with friends & family. But it lacks many advanced features.

OneDrive is the best option for Microsoft 365 subscribers with a tight budget and a small batch of files. But a large file batch breaks the Mac desktop app.








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