How I use Notion

Lately; I have been repeatedly asked about how I use Notion for productivity.


🛍 Shopping: Things I need to buy 😼 Psm: (private) 💧 Chores: House work 🗓 Agenda: Things with deadlines 👥 Social: Events, follow-ups, etc 💼 Eczacıbaşı: Business stuff 🐦 Tweet: Things to share on social media ☀️ Yang: Tiring things without deadlines 🌙 Yin: Restful things without deadlines (…)

Here is a sneak peeks into “Yang”; one of those main subjects:

Planning the day

When I start the day, I browse through those subjects and add the topics of the day to my favorites. I order them by priority or as a sequence; from bottom to top.

Once set, my day is planned! Whatever I complete that day, I remove from the favorites. When the day is finished, I clean up favorites completely to make a fresh start the next day.


A nice shopping list
Task list, built using
status fields and formulas
Recurring or pinned items can be
differentiated using icons
Recurring reminders
Idle items should be a on different
page to prevent clutter
Templates are useful for recurring
tasks with standard steps

Check my time management FAQ for further inspiration.

4 thoughts on “How I use Notion

  1. Recurring reminders nasıl çalışıyor? Bildiğim kadarıyla Notion’da dahili olarak böyle bir özellik yok.

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