How I use Notion

Lately; I have been repeatedly asked about how I use Notion for productivity.


🛍 Shopping: Things I need to buy 😼 Psm: (private) 💧 Chores: House work 🗓 Agenda: Things with deadlines 👥 Social: Events, follow-ups, etc 💼 Eczacıbaşı: Business stuff 🐦 Tweet: Things to share on social media ☀️ Yang: Tiring things without deadlines 🌙 Yin: Restful things without deadlines (…)

Here is a sneak peeks into “Yang”; one of those main subjects:

Planning the day

When I start the day, I browse through those subjects and add the topics of the day to my favorites. I order them by priority or as a sequence; from bottom to top.

Once set, my day is planned! Whatever I complete that day, I remove from the favorites. When the day is finished, I clean up favorites completely to make a fresh start the next day.


A nice shopping list
Task list, built using
status fields and formulas
Recurring or pinned items can be
differentiated using icons
Recurring reminders
Idle items should be a on different
page to prevent clutter
Templates are useful for recurring
tasks with standard steps

Check my time management FAQ for further inspiration.








4 responses to “How I use Notion”

  1. […] My central productivity app of choice is Notion at this time. Here is how I use it. […]

  2. Cihan Kaya Avatar

    Evernote kullanmayı bıraktıran uygulama, Notion…

  3. kkayacan Avatar

    Recurring reminders nasıl çalışıyor? Bildiğim kadarıyla Notion’da dahili olarak böyle bir özellik yok.

    1. Dr. Kerem Koseoglu Avatar

      Ben reminder geldikçe, manuel olarak X ay sonrasına erteliyorum. Dahili özellik bildiğim kadarıyla yok evet.

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