Bass Phaser Comparison

Here is a short comparison of the phaser pedals I have tried using with bass. Pedals are sorted by my subjective preference.

Aguilar Grape Phaser🟢 Unity gain🟢 OK🟡 Tall🟢 Rate, color
MXR Phase 95🟡 Slight boost🟢 OK🟢 Small🟢 4 modes, speed
Fender Lost Highway🟢 Adjustable🟡 Trebly🟡 Big🟢 High variety
MXR Script Phase 90🟡 Slight boost🟢 OK🟢 Medium🔴 Too subtle
MXR Phase 100🟢 Unity gain🔴 Bass loss🟡 Wide🟢 4 modes, speed
MXR Block Phase 90🔴 Boost🟡 Boomy🟢 Medium🟡 1 mode, speed

Ironically; I like the sound of MXR90 the best. However, the volume boost and boomy response make it the least usable for me. I wish MXR made a bass-oriented Phase 90.








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