Jazz Bass EQ Guide (VVT)

In my humble experience, the way you would use a passive jazz bass differs from the way you would use an active one.


To get the most out of your Jazz Bass, you need to consider your volume knobs as tone knobs.

Bass / Low midsMid / High midsTreble
⬇️ Neck cut⬇️ Cut⬆️ Boost
⬇️ Bridge cut⬆️ Boost⬇️ Cut
⬇️ Tone cut⬇️ Cut

Due to physics; the significant cut range of volume pots are extremely narrow. This means that; you’ll get the most significant tonal change by cutting a volume knob by 5-10%. After that, the effect of turning the knob decreases exponentially.

That requires you to use your ears to find the sweet spots.


Having said that, here are some guideline settings that I use.

Justin100%075%Woody warm tone~Short scale
Michael100%75%75%Low middy warm tone~Retro P bass
Mike100%75%100%Low middy grind tone~Rock P bass
Duff100%95%100%Low mids + bite~PJ bass
Marcus100%100%100%Scooped jazz toneSlap, funk
Tony95%100%100%Jazz tone + high mids~StingRay
Jaco75%100%75%BurpyFast fingers
Gürol0%100%75%Thin, articulateSolo, chords


Check the following video for a demonstration of some of those tones.


For more bass EQ insight, check my article How I EQ my Basses .








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