SAP Web IDE Personal Edition: VM Error on Mac – SOLVED

We all know and love the SAP Web IDE Personal Edition; also known as “Orion”. However; after upgrading your OS or Java Virtual Machine, it may refuse to start up and tell you that it “Failed to Create Java Virtual Machine”.

Here is the solution that worked for me. A similar approach would work for other operating systems as well.

Build the JVM path

First of all, open a new terminal window and type:

/usr/libexec/java_home -V

This will list the virtual machines installed on your computer.

We copy the JDK path (second line) and add /bin at the end, so we build the following path:


Make Orion use that path

Now, using a finder window, browse to In my case, it is installed in /Applications/eclipse/web-ide/ .

Right-click, and select “Show Package Contents”. Browse Contents/MacOS/orion.ini.

Now, edit this file with your favorite editor. You are going to add a new -vm section containing the path we built on the previous step.

Remember to save orion.ini .

Start Orion

Next time you start Orion, it should successfully find the Java VM and start correctly. Voila!





2 responses to “SAP Web IDE Personal Edition: VM Error on Mac – SOLVED”

  1. venu Avatar

    Hi Kerem Koseoglu,

    Thank you for sharing the valuable information.

    1. Dr. Kerem Koseoglu Avatar

      Glad to be helpful!

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