DarkGlass Harmonic Booster on 18v

Harmonic Booster is one of my instant favorites. It acts as an exciter + (optional) EQ + (optional) scoop pedal, all at once. I mainly keep everything flat and use it as an exciter to emphasize the upper harmonics of my bass; really opens up the sound nicely. My octave + overdrive pedals love it too.

Anyway… The manual has to contradicting statements:

  • Only use a regulated 9V DC adapter with a center-negative plug.
  • Voltage: 9-18 V DC Center negative

Therefore, I have contacted support to clarify this, and here is their reply:

With 18V the Harmonic Booster pedal will have more headroom. It won’t hurt.

So I pulled out my voltage doubler, and started to run it on 18v. In my experience, it really does have more headroom. Heavy attacks on the lower notes sound much clearer now.

I’m leaving this bit of information here for anyone interested.








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