How to attract SAP freelancers

Many SAP clients work with freelancers; because they usually bring valuable experience, know-how, speed and quality to the table.

However; prominent freelancers typically get offers from various companies, and need to choose between alternatives.

In my opinion; the most significant SAP freelancer criteria are the following. The more you can fulfill them, the better chance you have to close a deal with prominent freelancers.


That one is obvious and self-explanatory. Although money is not the only factor, it is one of the most significant ones. Freelancers will naturally prefer companies with better monetary offers – Ceteris Paribus.


This subject covers working from home, office & travel obligations, etc. Freelancers will naturally prefer companies letting them work where they like. Many prefer working from home.

My humble suggestion is to let people work wherever they want. If you force everyone into the office because of extroverts / boomer managers / etc.; you will drive away many people talented enough to find alternatives.

Research shows that many consultants would pick companies allowing them to work from home over companies which pay more but force them to come to the office.


Most, if not all, prominent freelancers have flagship clients already. It is not likely to make them leave their flagship client for a 6-month contract – even if you make a good offer.

However; if you can map a possible long-term relationship including future projects, you might attract freelancers with concealed problems with their current clients. Even if you express it unofficially.


Freelancers are typically diligent and get things done. However, no one is able to sustain an inhumanly heavy and stressful workload (involving overtime) and deliver quality results over long periods of time.

Save exceptions like go-live periods; you should give your consultants the space and time they need. Otherwise, they could start looking for alternatives.


IT changes fast, and being a consultant typically means constantly racing against it. Catching, learning and implementing new technologies are part of a consultants life. A company stuck with old tech is likely to lose freelancers to companies implementing new tech.


No one likes a messy and contradictory work climate. An organized work environment, where processes, workflows and responsibilities are clear & consistent, would be preferable for freelancers. Otherwise; both consultants & you would be wasting resources on paltry stuff; such as rework due to miscommunication or incompetent decisions.


We are social creatures. Most would prefer a team of friendly and supportive people over a team of difficult people with interpersonal conflicts. Even if everyone is working from home.

If your core team is socially successful, new freelancers would probably be more likely to stick around.








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