Moved to YouTube Music, left Spotify

Why did I do that? Here is my subjective evaluation of both services.

YouTube Music advantages:

  • Cost. I have a YouTube Premium membership already, which includes YouTube Music as well. Therefore, it is virtually free for me – unlike Spotify.
  • Live / cover songs. Most of my bands play live or cover versions of songs – which are typically available on YouTube, but not on Spotify. It is really convenient to build playlists where live / cover / album records & videos can be mixed.
  • Autoplay. I am using FlukeBox to build & listen to playlists where streams + local audio files are mixed. When I call a YouTube URL, it plays automatically. On Spotify, the song loads, but I must press play to listen. Seems small, but gets annoying over time.

Spotify advantages:

  • More public playlists
  • Organizing personal playlists under folders
  • Podcasts
  • Desktop app
  • Seeing what friends are listening to
  • Fun year end stats

Equal factors:

  • Listening to albums on any device
  • Curated & community playlists
  • Creating custom playlists
  • Artist / song radio
  • Auto-generated personal mixes
  • Purposeful playlists; based on mood, etc.
  • Dark mode

In my personal evaluation, advantages of YouTube Music outweigh advantages of Spotify.







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