Why we own multiple guitars

I’ll try to answer this question by putting my current music life under the spotlight. Here is a list of my recent bands, and how good my alternative basses match them.


BandStyleP with flatsP with nickelsJ with steels
Akın EldesAcoustic123
Cenk SoyakPower Trio123
Istanbul Funk UnitFunk132
Jozi LeviLatin/Jazz321
Özge EstekinSoul/Jazz321

Let’s summarize the scores.

SubjectP with flatsP with nickelsJ with steels
Overall score141915
Primary count23
Secondary count030


As you see, the total scores are close. It could seem like I could get by with any of those basses. However; that’s not the case at all. Each bass is the primary choice for different bands. Therefore; each bass will work great on some gigs and inadequate on others.


P with nickels is at least the second best choice for any band. I could have “only” a P bass with rounds, and fulfill my role as a bassist – but not ideally all the time. Having “only” a P with flats or a J would be perfect for some of my gigs, but jeopardize the rest.

The best choice is to own all of the aforementioned basses simultaneously.

Although most people play other instruments or other styles of music, their need for multiple guitars could probably be justified likewise.




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