“The truth” cannot be explained, only experienced. Why?

The truth cant be spoken directly, because the words to describe it were not invented.

One could try to express it with help of common words, but that would lead the unenlightened to a jungle of confusion made of their personal mental constructs. Pronouns are especially misleading.

One could invent new words, but their meanings would be a mystery to the unenlightened.

Therefore, the truth can’t be explained in common language. It ought to be experienced.

Only then will one understand what the enlightened really means when he/she talks around the truth “un-literally” with common words.








One response to ““The truth” cannot be explained, only experienced. Why?”

  1. İrem Unay Avatar

    Gerçek olanın nasıl anlatılamaz olduğunu anlatmak, gerçeğe en yakın bir anlatım olmuş. 🙌 Ellerine, ilhamına sağlık.

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