Accessing Mac OS API’s with Python over AppleScript / Shortcuts

As a Python programmer; if you need to access a Mac OS API, the traditional way to go is to use the PyObjC library. However, this might be too cumbersome for simple tasks; such as getting the E-Mail address of a Mac contact. For such small tasks, your Python code can simply make an AppleScript … Continue reading Accessing Mac OS API’s with Python over AppleScript / Shortcuts

Hosting Multiple Domains on Python Flask

No, we will not use host matching! Instead, we'll use our own architecture. The title makes the content of this article obvious, so let's jump right into it. This method might be a little tedious for high-traffic websites, but if you have a handful of low-traffic websites and want to host them under a single … Continue reading Hosting Multiple Domains on Python Flask

Veri Analisti Olmak

Bir takipçimin sorusuna verdiğim cevabı paylaşıyorum. Veri analistliği şu anda taze ve güncel bir konu. Ancak, bu konuda kendi çabanızla gelebileceğiniz nokta, muhtemelen kurumsal ortamda değer görecek kadar ileri bir nokta olmayacaktır. Zira; Pandas, PySci, TensorFlow gibi kütüphanelerle Internet'ten bulduğunuz örnekleri yaparak bazı sonuçlar alsanız bile, gerçek hayattan çıkmış bir problemle karşılaştığınızda, bilhassa Hyperparameter'ları doğru … Continue reading Veri Analisti Olmak

Accurate metronome with Python

Problem The build-in time / timer libraries in Python fluctuate. If you try to build a metronome at 60 BPM and imagine using the timer with a sleep time of 60 milliseconds, you will quickly find out that it will be triggered somewhere between 59.50 - 60.50 milliseconds. Such a fluctuating metronome is not usable … Continue reading Accurate metronome with Python

Accessing Dropbox files via RESTful API

In this article, I will guide you through the steps to access Dropbox files from an app. If you want to skip the document and see some sample code; check my following pet projects accessing Dropbox: Igigi (React Native / JavaScript): dropbox.jsKutapada (iOS / Swift): DropBox.swift App Registration Assuming that you have a working Dropbox … Continue reading Accessing Dropbox files via RESTful API

Reusing Python Packages over GitHub

Well, the title speaks for itself. In this article, I will demonstrate how to reuse a Python library in various projects over GitHub. I prefer this method over reusing local files due to benefits of GitHub. Library Project In this article, I will use a sample library called "Databus". The project structure should look like … Continue reading Reusing Python Packages over GitHub