ABAP in Eclipse: Multi-Line SQL Queries on a Mac

While using ABAP in Eclipse on a Mac, I have encountered an unfortunate issue: On the SQL console, the editor doesn't allow me type multi-line queries. If I fit the entire query into a single line, everything is fine. If I break it down into multiple lines, Eclipse starts to display error messages. Here is how to … Continue reading ABAP in Eclipse: Multi-Line SQL Queries on a Mac

İstanbul’da İş Bulmak

Bir E-Mail'e attığım cevabı, başkalarına da faydası olabilir diye paylaşıyorum. İstanbul’da rekabet biraz yüksek; bilgisayar mühendisliği mezunu olmak parlak bir iş bulmak için garanti değil şu anda. Pek çok öğrenci, sektörde nereye odaklanmak istediğini aşağı yukarı belirliyor ve üniversite 3 -4. sınıf itibariyle yarı zamanlı bile olsa bu konuda bir yerlerde çalışmaya başlıyor. Mezun olduğunda, … Continue reading İstanbul’da İş Bulmak

Abap Career Resources

This post consolidates my resources on ABAP careers. Your potential questions are most probably answered in one of the following links: My blog has a dedicated section containing articles on this subject. Some significant articles are "Career in ABAP" (EN) for beginners and "Freelancing in ABAP" (TR) for freelancer candidates. My YouTube channel has a dedicated playlist containing … Continue reading Abap Career Resources

ABAP Internal Table Indexing

Hi ABAPeople! In this long promised article, I will talk about primary keys and indexes in internal tables. Nope, I’m not talking about database tables. Yes, I’m talking about “internal” tables. Yes, you heard it right: You can define primary keys and indexes for internal tables, just like database tables. Yes, this improves performance a … Continue reading ABAP Internal Table Indexing

“Data Changed” on ALV Grid

This entry will demonstrate a semi-pseudo code template on how to catch the “Data Changed” event on an editable non-OO ALV grid, and how to modify data further. This means, we are dealing with a grid generated by “REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY”, not “CL_GUI_ALV_GRID”. *&------------------------------ *& STEP 1: Preparation *&------------------------------ * Read data, create field catalog, etc.   … Continue reading “Data Changed” on ALV Grid

“For All Entries” – Pitfalls, Limitations, Workarounds

“For All Entries” is a useful ABAP command used in the following basic format: SELECT a b c FROM dbtab FOR ALL ENTRIES IN git_itab WHERE fld1 EQ git_itab-fld1 AND fld2 EQ git_itab-fld2. However, it has two pitfalls I have witnessed to be ignored by ABAP programmers occasionally. PITFALL 1: If git_itab is empty, the … Continue reading “For All Entries” – Pitfalls, Limitations, Workarounds