ABAP in Eclipse: Multi-Line SQL Queries on a Mac

While using ABAP in Eclipse on a Mac, I have encountered an unfortunate issue: On the SQL console, the editor doesn't allow me type multi-line queries. If I fit the entire query into a single line, everything is fine. If I break it down into multiple lines, Eclipse starts to display error messages. Here is how to … Continue reading ABAP in Eclipse: Multi-Line SQL Queries on a Mac

“For All Entries” – Pitfalls, Limitations, Workarounds

“For All Entries” is a useful ABAP command used in the following basic format: SELECT a b c FROM dbtab FOR ALL ENTRIES IN git_itab WHERE fld1 EQ git_itab-fld1 AND fld2 EQ git_itab-fld2. However, it has two pitfalls I have witnessed to be ignored by ABAP programmers occasionally. PITFALL 1: If git_itab is empty, the … Continue reading “For All Entries” – Pitfalls, Limitations, Workarounds