Two Neat Priest Macros: One-Click Dispel and PoM Auto-Jump

One-Click Dispel
This macro consolidates your dispels into one single button:
/target [modifier:alt] Player
/cast [nomodifier] Dispel Magic
/cast [modifier:alt] Dispel Magic
/cast [modifier:shift] Mass Dispel
/target focus
  • If you click, it will simply cast Dispel Magic on your current target (friendly or enemy)
  • If you ALT + click, it will cast Dispel Magic on yourself without losing your current target
  • If you SHIFT + click, it will cast Mass Dispel without losing your current target
PoM Auto-Jump

When healing in a dungeon / raid, you are usually focused on a friendly unit. If Prayer of Mending jumps on you meanwhile, you can make it jump to another friendly unit by casting Shadow Word: Death on an enemy unit because you would be taking damage.
This macro will automatize this process. Whenever you see Prayer of Mending on yourself, you can cast this simple macro. It will target the enemy unit your friend is targeting, cast Shadow Word: Death (make damage to yourself and make Prayer of Mending jump) and target your friend again. All in one single click!
/cast Shadow Word: Death






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