Fender American Professional II Precision Bass Review

The Fender American Professional II Precision Bass is the latest evolution of one of the most popular bass guitars in history. This iconic design has been around since the 1950s and has been used by some of the most famous bass players in the world. The Fender American Professional II Precision Bass combines the classic design with modern features to create a great playing instrument.

I had the chance to test this stunningly beautiful bass for a couple of hours, through multiple amps with different cab sizes. I’d like to share my opinions.

Keep in mind that wood is not consistent – two instruments with the same brand & model may differ wildly. Another Pro-II P bass might be better or worse.


Looks: This bass is a looker for sure. I can see how attractive it would look under stage lights.

Neck: The neck profile is very nice and nut width is average (not too wide). It is still not a J-Neck, but plays very comfortably. Access to higher frets is especially easy.

String balance: The string-to-string sound / volume is balanced. On some P basses, D-G strings sound like they belong to another bass. Not on this one. Fender used different AlNiCo formulas for E-A and D-G strings on their new V-Mod II pickups; that might be why.

Weight: The bass I tried was very easy to carry around. Good for those long gigs.

Pickup / sound: This is a relatively warm sounding bass. Especially compared to the former American Pro series – which were too high-middy for my taste. The highs are there, but tamed – the focus is on low-mids.

Price: This is not a “cheap” bass. The quality is there, but the price is closely below the American Original series. I was hoping for a “Wow!” factor – which wasn’t there. But it doesn’t have any bummers either.


Overall, this is a high quality no-nonsense P bass; which doesn’t have any dissatisfying properties. A good choice for customers looking for good looks, comfort and (alleged) USA quality. Especially if you are looking for a warm sounding bass.

Here is a comparison with alternative models.

HighAmerican Original ’60s Precision BassGet the AO if you can manage its huge neck and want a vintage style instrument.

Get the Pro II if you want a comfortable neck and modern features.
MediumAmerican Pro (1) Precision BassGet the Pro 1 and change its grotty V-Mod pickup if you are on a budget.
LowUsed American Precision Bass
Player Precision Pass
If you find a good deal, you can get a used American P. Otherwise, get a Mexican P and upgrade as needed.

You might want to check my article where I compare the American Pro II with the AO ’60s.








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